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.Tube September 26 - October 31 2017 Promotion Program

50% discount on .TUBE wholesale prices

September 26, 2017 marks the launch of .tube’s global advertising campaign and the release of thousands of previously reserved and premium domains at significantly lower prices. .tube’s advertising campaign, targeting video creators, agencies, brands and video publishers is designed to raise awareness and drive registrants to our retail partners.

The #1 digital trend for years to come will be video and .tube is well-positioned to capture this highly targeted audience. Brands and creators who are savvy use major video platforms but have no control over their users or the monetization of their own content. This is a new opportunity for digital creators to easily publish their content on .tube domains and take control of their visitor experience as well as the monetization of their content.

The wholesale price for .tube domains will be reduced in half if you choose to participate in the promotion. You’ll get a 50% discount on each registration during the program. The .tube advertising campaign, combined with the promotions of our registrar partners, will highlight the value of video content - and it’s digital home on .tube.

Mechanics of the promotion

To be eligible for the 50% wholesale price discount for .tube domains you must agree to doing at least 3 marketing activities from the list below. Please check three or more boxes to indicate your marketing commitments for the .tube promo term.

A .tube landing page, preferably on domain, with a .tube domain search.
Promote .tube domains for sale on your website home page and/or domains page.
Feature .tube video in your registrar newsletter and/or blog (provided).
Promote .tube via your social media channels a minimum of 2X during the promotional term and link back to your .tube landing page.
Website banners promoting .tube running on home page and/or domains page – must run the throughout the entire promo term, a minimum of 25% of total page views if ads rotate.
Inclusion in at least 2 emails in a prominent position OR 1 email if dedicated to .tube content. In both cases, the email should be to your entire client base.
Domain matching e-mail campaign to clients who already own a domain name containing the word ‘TUBE’ , ‘Video’, ‘Stream’ or similar video related keywords (i.e ->*
.tube placement in the top 8 search results for at least 50% of all monthly domain name searches

*Customer match list must = 250 + to be eligible

Terms and Conditions

  1. All fully accredited .tube registrars are eligible. Enrollment is required (see below)
  2. Offer term: September 26 to October 31, 2017
  3. 50% discount wholesale on first year of new .tube standard registrations during term
  4. Promotional offer does not apply to premiums, renewals, transfers, extensions.
  5. It does not apply for registrations longer than one year (years 2-10)
  6. Price will be set by the registry on September 26, 2017, 00:00 UTC (20:00 EDT / 01:00 GMT)
  7. We recommend registrar offers discount on first year .tube registration to customers. We acknowledge that the registrar sets the retail price
  8. Registrar marketing for promotion must run from September 21 to October 31, 2017
  9. Enrollment must be received by September 1, 2017


We request enrollment in the .tube 50% discount Promotional Program and I agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the program.

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I understand that my enrollment to this program will be complete only when I have agreed to the marketing commitments indicated in the list above
I understand that I must provide a record to the registry upon request, showing that these marketing commitments have been executed and fullfilled.
Marketing commitments must be received to enroll by September 1, 2017.