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There are thousands of amazing .tube domains available right now. Get yours today.

How to Use .tube

From BASE jumps to ballet, and everything in-between, people like you are creating hundreds of hours of incredible, original video content every minute. With all that video, it’s getting harder than ever to stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, a .tube domain is the perfect way to do just that.

Like any .com address, a .tube page will be your little piece of the Internet to express yourself and share your content. However, unlike a typical .com, .tube is a space you design and control. As you may have seen in tech media, “not coms” are rapidly popularizing in favor over the .com web domain, as they push the boundaries of personal branding by making site names memorable, relevant, and meaningful.

A .tube web address will convey a new meaning to your online video site. “Tube” started as slang for the TV set, but now it’s a household term that denotes visual content. Just like .com became synonymous with Internet, .tube is synonymous for a video channel — killer content mounted on a .tube domain will make your creativity truly stand out from the crowd.

For Creators

While the creative flexibility that .tube offers is a huge plus for content creators, .tube ultimately helps you secure the end game: amplifying your existing channel, expanding your reach, and making more money.

You’ll have complete control to do whatever you want with your .TUBE domain, with great benefits to help you overcome some of the downsides of sticking exclusively to traditional video channels:

  • Integration with your existing channel
  • Control of design & functionality
  • Improved visibility & ways to get noticed
  • Ownership of your community
  • Incremental revenue opportunities
  • Better control of the ads
  • More favorable revenue cuts
  • Integration with other channels

Before you know it, you’ll unlock brand new ways to attract attention, make money, and grow your audience using the same videos you’re already sharing on your main channel.

For MCNs & Agencies

Take your creators to the next level with tube. websites, offering great branding and monetization opportunities.

With .TUBE you can get a perfectly matched domain name for each of your creators, then use our WordPress tools to quickly set them up with a companion website for their existing channel.

Existing Videos

.tube Video Curator

.tube Theme

The .tube Theme and Video Curator work seamlessly with existing videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitch.

The Video Curator plugin uses data APIs to grab info about the videos and automatically creates WordPress posts.

The .tube Theme then presents the videos and the content in a aesthetically appealing, modern, and mobile-friendly website.

We’ve kept it simple so that anybody in your organization, or the creators themselves, can take control. Or, you can hire one of our experts to help set up and manage your sites for a small fee.

Let’s talk strategy. A branded .TUBE domain name and dedicated website for each of your creators might just be the most impactful strategic tool in your marketing arsenal.





.TUBE domains are short, sexy, and incredibly easy to type and remember, creating a perfectly branded destination for each creator.

Unlike 3rd-party video channels, every .TUBE site offers complete ownership and control over the content and functionality available.

Beyond additional reach for existing videos, each .TUBE site allows for multiple monetization options, from simple ads to custom sponsorships.

From mailing lists to forums and beyond, a .TUBE site is a great place to call fans to action and build relationships that cultivate evangelism.


As you can see, when you register domains and create .TUBE websites for your talent, you’re unlocking critical strategic benefits, both for you, and for them.

The perks don’t stop there. From additional monetization opportunities to new technologies to tried-and-true marketing techniques, .TUBE offers you a platform with limitless possibilities.

Affiliate Program

Live Streams

Mailing List

The .TUBE affiliate program offers a chance to earn commissions for inspiring other people to buy their own .TUBE domain.

The .TUBE theme makes it easy to showcase a live stream directly on the homepage, encouraging viewership and awareness.

Drop a mailing list on a .TUBE site and it instantly turns into a lead-generation tool for cultivating a direct line to fans.


And of course that’s just the tip of the iceberg. A .TUBE site is the perfect place for forums, live chats, exclusive content, and myriad other ways for your partners to grow their audiences.

For Pros & Brands

Take complete control of your .tube domain and build a custom video site for your brand, community, or vertical.

The team at .tube knows that being a video marketer is a classic catch-22. On the one hand, you’ve got to fight for real estate on your official site. On the other hand, 3rd-party video channels can be difficult to monetize and don’t offer you true access to your customers.

With a .TUBE domain at YourBrand.TUBE you can create a video-based destination to complement your existing site and 3rd party video channels. You’ll have full control so you can monetize it and access your customers in any way you’d like.

Among sneaker collectors, PC gamers, and pretty much any other group you can imagine, video is the medium where new ideas are spread and dreams are born.

With a community-centric .TUBE domain, you’ll have your very own platform where like-minded people can gather to watch and share videos as they cultivate their shared passion.

Skiing.TUBE? Gaming.TUBE? Fashion.TUBE? Could one of these domains be right for you? We’ve got incredible, generic.TUBE domains covering nearly every category.

A vertical-specific .TUBE domain offers you the chance to cover an entire sport, industry, or genre — giving you the potential for truly massive reach.

For Domainers

Now is your chance to invest in the age of video with some incredible premium and generic .tube domains for your portfolio. Here at .tube, we have some premium virtual real estate available.

Remember the ’90s, when you could buy almost any domain name you wanted? Now you can relive the glory days with a nearly infinite supply of premium & generic .tube domains. No matter what niche, topic, or vertical you’re interested in, there are amazing .TUBE domains to bolster your portfolio.

.tube is a domain for the age of video. When you buy .tube domains, you’re placing a bet on the growth of online video. We think that’s a pretty safe bet, and the folks at Cisco agree. Their recent study predicts that by the year 2020:

  • Video traffic will be 82 percent of all business and consumer IP traffic.
  • Every second, a million minutes of video content will cross the network.
  • Video-on-demand traffic will be equivalent to 7.2 billion DVDs per month.

What began as slang for television has now become a global phenomenon, synonymous with online video. .tube will push the boundaries of video for a variety of reasons:

  • Tube is short, sexy, and just one syllable so it’s great for branding and easy to remember.
  • Tube is used by thousands of sites in nearly every language giving instant credibility.
  • Tube is vague and works well for traditional video, live streams, eLearning, & more.